Get them hooked at the start and end

Try to make your talk hook the public at the start and prepare an end to leave them with a sense of having completed a journey in three minutes.

Don’t copy styles

Express yourself in the way that best suits your personality, and that works for you in your daily life and relationships.

Get in enough science

You can learn a lot of science in three minutes if it’s well presented.

Tell us about something that excites you

Your enthusiasm will get across to the public.

Keep the introduction short

You need to hook the public, to get them involved. Better if it’s quick and with a hook to take you straight into the subject of your talk.

Be clear about where you’re going

Try in particular to memorize the key parts that hold the talk’s structure together. There will probably be five of them and normally one of them is the last sentence.

Use striking headlines

The sort that will make the public come out saying “Did you know that...”, “I heard something interesting today...” Making something a talking point is the best way of spreading ideas.

Think theatrically

The impact of any prop that you use can change according to how it’s presented or handled. Likewise you can try a playful surprise ending. There’s no good or bad presentation – just make sure it suits you and your storyline. But be sure to choose one and not to just let it come out.